Friday, May 28, 2010

Parents are insane

This is not a new topic for parents, and many other people have talked and written about it with more wit than I can muster but I'm going there anyway. Because HOLY CUSS, PARENTS ARE COMPLETELY INSANE!

I was at a playdate yesterday with Evelyn, who as you know is under a year old. Most of the other babies at the playdate were also under a year old. We were sitting around talking about your typical baby topics, and I was exaggerating the small difficulties I have with Evelyn's sleep so that the other moms wouldn't gang up and kill me. Actually, it was just one mom in particular, but I think that if she weren't so sleep deprived she really may have hurt me. Apparently her kid only takes two ten to twenty minute naps per day. By way of contrast, Evelyn sleeps so much that she manages to take two ten minute naps DURING her naps. Anyway, I digress.

So one of the moms asked the group if we had started looking at preschools yet, and fully half of them said that they had. Is it necessary to shop around for a preschool before your kid can even walk? One time while Alex and I were driving we saw a sign for a bi-lingual Montessori preschool which looked pretty cool, so I guess the thought has crossed my mind. Then again, another time while Alex and I were driving we saw a sign for a new KFC sandwich with bacon and cheese where instead of bread they have two pieces of fried chicken, and that looked pretty cool too.

I guess we'll have to check out some schools eventually. I haven't made a full list of my essential criteria yet, but proximity to sandwiches comprised entirely of fried food may factor in. We'll see.

Ms. Busy Legs

I know I haven't blogged in a long time, and it's really not my fault. Someone went and learned how to move around on her own, and things just haven't been the same since. My days are spent picking up all of the many, many things that Evelyn can now get her hands on and pulling them out of her mouth.

I've got a whole new appreciation for what Sisyphus went through. She crawls over to the clothes drying rack and pulls down everything on the lower levels. As I'm putting wet laundry back up, she's crawling over the the DVD player to open it and pull the discs out. I drag her away from the electronics and unplug them, and she's pulling at the dog's tail. I stop her from harassing the poor dog, and she's scooting under the coffee table to yank on the cord to the laptop.

Add a full seven seasons of Buffy* to get through and my attempts to keep up with the New Yorker (futile), and I've got about 4 and a half minutes per day which isn't spoken for.

*I'm only sorry that it took me until this year to realize how awesome teenagers fighting vampires can be. Also, it's basically a documentary. I mean, Sunnydale, Sunnyvale? It's a thin disguise, and I see right through it. Really, I'm learning history!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Feel the love

Here's Evelyn getting some attention from one of her many, many, many admirers.

Our friend Mike Sklar took this photo.