Monday, November 2, 2009

Blessed, blessed sleep.

I don't know what I did in a past life to deserve this, but we have the easiest baby in the history of babies. It's not like I've had a bunch of other kids to compare, but so many people scared me so thoroughly about how little sleep I'd get for months that I keep compulsively Googling "my baby is awesome and sleeps for 7 hours at a time even though she's only 7 weeks how do I know if my husband secretly sold her soul to the devil to achieve this." (You'd be surprised, but you get some relevant hits.)

But it's true; she's not quite 8 weeks old and she's already regularly sleeping for 6 and even 7 hours at a time. At night, no less! This means (drumroll, please) that I get to sleep for 6 hours at a time during the hours when most other adults are asleep. Let's just say that if called upon to say Grace at Thanksgiving dinner, I've got about a 45 minute speech prepared. She is also a fantastic napper. During today's nap I: put a load of laundry in, peeled and chopped all my vegetables for dinner, ate hot stuff for lunch, and am now goofing around and blogging. I could even read my book for a while if I want to! I'm pretty sure Alex did sell her soul, but you know, it's probably worth it. Or maybe it's the whiskey we've been giving her? Just kidding! We're only giving her beer. No hard stuff until she's at least a year old.

Honestly though, for those parents out there who might actually want to try to replicate this phenomenon, I think it's partly because we swaddle the bejeezus out of her. I know everyone swaddles, but we SWADDLE. If her swaddles were in the wash, I'd wrap her up in duct tape. We're new to the swaddle products, because we were trying to use blankets at first. We were both awful at it though, and why struggle with getting a tight swaddle in the middle of the night when there are fairly inexpensive products that stay snug even if you stink at wrapping babies? Right now, we're using the Kiddopotamus Swaddleme, but she's almost outgrown the one we have and can kick her legs out, which wakes her up. I just ordered the Miracle Blanket, which is more expensive, but according to the reviews gives a super tight swaddle even for bigger, wriggly babies.

And who doesn't love the word swaddle? It sounds like cute sleepy ducklings. Swaddle swaddle swaddle! Swaddle!


  1. Swaddle is a great and underused word. It makes me want to curl up and go to sleep right now...

  2. Good idea on a beer-only regimen. Obviously, she's gotta maintain her black-out drunk for the first couple of years, but straight booze is probably a bit much for her yet.