Friday, November 20, 2009

Chub monster

Unfortunately, I'm not a very good photographer. I also only seem to remember to take pictures after dark, and my lack of skill plus a point and shoot indoors with lousy lighting makes for some poor pictures. I'm going to be posting more anyways, because I know y'all are clamoring for more shots of the little darling, and it's kind of stupid to keep waiting for a better shot. Here you go! Many more to come, of questionable quality, but hey. No photo could capture her angelic qualities anyway.


  1. Here's kind of a dumb question, but what color are her eyes? And it looks like here hair is kinda brown, but also maybe blonde?

  2. Augh! I obviously need to post more pictures if you don't know what color her eyes and hair are! She's got light brown/blondish fuzz on top, and the real hair ring (kind of a Friar Tuck thing) is medium/darkish brown. She has very blue eyes at the moment, but that might change.