Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Story Hour!

I love the Sunnyvale Lapsit for babies. Our local library puts on a great little program weekly for babies, complete with puppets, singing, stories, and a whole mess of babies trying to gnaw on books and poke each other in the eyeball. It's infant nirvana, basically.

Today, my little darlin' woke up from her nap just as the program was starting, so I whisked her, pajamas and sweaty bed-head and all, into the car. I noticed a certain pungency of diaper as I was getting her out of the car, but we were late as it was and the program only lasts for about half an hour anyway, so I figured I'd just let her stew for fifteen minutes. It was crowded, and I'm pretty sure that more than one mother noticed the poopy reek emanating from Evelyn. I think the cartoonish green stink waves above her bottom gave it away. Do I even need to mention that I was the last one to straggle in, and every other kid was groomed and wearing a daytime appropriate outfit? I also didn't see any other mothers licking their fingers to scrape the crusty sweet potato off of their kid's forehead.

Anyway, the singing and the stories and the puppets were great, and Evelyn did not care a whit about her diaper cargo. Once we were done, I went into the bathroom to clean her up. Did I ever mention that Evelyn likes to move? All the time? No matter where she is or how much poop she may climb into? To combat this, I gave her my sunglasses to play with in an attempt to keep her laying down. As I was changing her, she somehow banked my sunglasses off the toilet paper dispenser into the toilet. Have you ever tried to wash a pair of sunglasses in a public restroom sink while holding a 9 month old? In case you forgot, 9 month olds are the ones who are obsessed with their newfound standing and crawling skills, and DO NOT like to be held or sit still. I also had to one-handed because I had just stuck the other one into the toilet to retrieve my sunglasses.

I figure if I start now, I might be ready with a dressed and clean baby by next week's lapsit. No promises, though.

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