Friday, June 26, 2009

Slim possibility

It's possible that insisting that we launder the shower curtain at ten PM is a sign that my "nesting instinct" is kicking in. Or I might just be crazy. Who am I to judge?

Update: This nesting thing is real. I really wasn't kidding about washing the shower curtain. I have also been completely overcome with the urge to scrub down the top of the hood of the stove. Maybe many of you are thinking, duh! That gets all greasy and disgusting! Why wouldn't you clean that on a weekly basis? Gross! I'm really not that type of person. In fact, if our area rug in the living room didn't constantly shed little balls of red fluff all over the rest of the beige carpeting, I don't think I would vacuum all that often, either. I maybe shouldn't admit this on the internet, but I often let the little balls of red fluff multiply to the extent that they've aquired their own nickname, which is, of course, Tribbles. The fact that I nickname my dirt should clue you in to the fact that I am not in the same league as Martha Stewart. She would have been proud of me yesterday, though, as I spent at least 20 minutes individually scrubbing each and every key of the computer keyboard with a rag until it shone. Thanks, instincts... Keeping Baby safe from grimy shift keys since 4000 BC.

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