Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Birthday? What birthday?

I keep forgetting my own birthday. It was yesterday, and thanks to friends and darling husbands reminding me all day, plus loving relatives calling, I was aware that it was going on, but until yesterday? Not so much. Last week, I received a package from a good friend from high school (Hi Hanna!), and I thought, "Oh, she must have sent something for the baby!" I was right, because who can resist adorable tiny infant clothes? But she also sent me a birthday present, which she has done every year, and which I always look forward to... until this year. I had totally forgotten that it was this week. This weekend, I made an appointment to get my haircut, not realizing it was on my birthday until they handed me the reminder card. My mom asked me if I wanted anything special for my birthday, and again, I thought, "Oh yeah... that's sometime this month, isn't it?" The day before my birthday I was talking about how old I was in relation to how old most people at my hospital have their kids, and AGAIN, it didn't dawn on me that my age would be changing the next day.

I'm not sure if it's just that I'm so insanely busy with friends coming to visit, finishing my last few days at work, and, oh yeah, that little thing, THE IMPENDING BIRTH OF MY FIRST CHILD. Maybe I'm finally getting old enough to not really care anymore. Maybe it's the whole brain shrinkage thing. Either way, happy birthday to me!

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