Thursday, August 27, 2009


I've been home from work with no houseguests for a day and a half, and I'm already going crazy with boredom. I only managed to be awake for two and a half hours today before I finished all the things that I had been planning on doing (showering, watching tennis, eating breakfast, doing laundry), so of course I called poor Alex at work. Where he was busy, trying to do work. (I hear a lot of people work at work, and are busy for most of the day. Weird!) I think he knows that from now until the baby comes, if I'm calling him at work all I'll have to say is "I'm booooooreeeeed," in the most annoying and whiny tone imaginable, but he has to answer. I could call him every fifteen minutes and tell him knock-knock jokes for the next 4 days, and he'd have to pick up every time because I could be calling to tell him that I was in labor. Poor guy.

Anyway, I think I've laundered everything in the house, my hospital bag is packed, and the dog doesn't want to play with me anymore. I'm pretty sure he's disappointed that I'm home from work. He'll pick up his head when I jump around shouting and waving his toys in the air, but he's got a pretty strict nap schedule to get through. You know things are getting desperate when your dog is like, "Enough. Can't you entertain yourself for 45 minutes?" The answer is NO. I don't want to watch TV, I don't have any movies I want to watch, I don't feel like reading anymore, the dog doesn't feel like going for ANOTHER walk, I don't knit, everything's clean, and I don't have a car until Tuesday. I know I should be relishing these last few days of peace and quiet, and fix up my cuticles, and read, and floss, because I'll never have time ever again starting really soon, but I don't LIKE it!

Harumph. Anybody want to come over and play with me?

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  1. Oh but that is so exciting that you're so close to having your little ninja monkey! I can totally understand not having an attention span for anything right now though, you're just a teeny bit distracted. :)