Monday, January 25, 2010


(This kid knows where it's at.)

Yesterday Alex was all like, "Don't give the baby an onion to play with!" Such a stick-in-the-mud, that one. I shall now present my argument for why an onion is actually a perfect baby toy.

1. It's blunt. No poking her eyes out with this sucker!
2. It's got fascinatingly crinkly, crackly skin.
3. It's about as cheap as baby toys get.
4. No lead paint!
5. Way too big to choke on.
6. If it becomes her lovey and she loses it, they're really easily replaceable.
7. It just might turn her onto a lifetime love of cooking, and then she can go on to win Top Chef, have a show on the Food Network, and become so rich that she can take care of us into our old age. And let's face it, this whole parenting thing is really all about not ending up in a home.

Take THAT, husband.

1 comment:

  1. but it might make her cry.

    p.s. I always knew you loved onions