Monday, February 22, 2010

Coupon lady

I had two big thrills this weekend. One was when I used my faithful Neti Pot to clear out my poor, gunked up sinuses. If you've ever had a cold, you probably need one. And, if you're like me and revel in things like falling-off toenails, huge bruises, and big gobs of booger that get flushed out of your noggin, go get one NOW. I think you get the picture.

The second was at the grocery store. (I hesitated before writing this post; I mean, I don't want to alienate my readers (Hi, you two!) by making you all insanely jealous of my thrilling stay-at-home-mom life--what with the snot and the grocery store and all--but I just had to share.) You know how when you swipe your grocery store card, all the stuff on sale gets deducted from your bill, and it's almost like someone's handing you 8 or 11 or 3 bucks? Well, this weekend, I saved... wait for it... wait for it... $57 dollars! It was about 50% of the whole bill, and I may have said "I win" out loud to the clerk. And she may have not cared at all, and given me a look that said, "Nothing is worse than being a supermarket checker, and I hate my life, and I hate YOU for not hating being in this store." To all ZERO of you who are still reading this impossibly lame post, I did it by clipping coupons and reading the circular to plan meals that were made out of sale stuff. Feel free to call me for more detailed questions. I'm thinking about writing a book. Or maybe a screenplay...

And that's what I did this past weekend. Had boogers, and went grocery shopping. When did this become my life, and when did I get this excited by it?


  1. Clipping coupons is totally chic. I've taken to flipping through the Stop & Shop weekly circulars, myself. I've not gone so far as to plan means around sales, though.

    I just used my neti pot the other day too. instant breathe-ability.

  2. I got a coupon site offers free printable coupons for baby, beauty, clothing, electronics, food, grocery, health, music, pets, shopping, restaurant and dining.

  3. I like the things like the neti pot where instead of working with gravity, you squeeze the plastic bottle to provide pressure for the water to flow through your 'noggin'. It seems to involve a lot less contortion to get the water to flow through everything.

    Horrible, over the top, embarrassing website, but I like the actual product.