Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

My Valentine's Day present from Evelyn was some well aimed spit-up which dribbled from my knee straight into my slipper. My non-washable slipper. Love you too, Goo Bear.

Alex and I actually got to go out on a date last night, thanks to my sweet sister-in-law. She had offered to babysit for us a few days ago, and the prospect of being on our own just about knocked us flat. Some of the ideas that we tossed around in those first heady moments when we were drunk with the possibilities included: dinner, a movie, dinner and a movie, driving around in circles high-fiving each other, or sitting in a parking lot somewhere in blessed silence. We ended up going to a comedy show, and I'm glad it was a good time, because I think it might be the last time we go out for a long time.

Our little monkey has tricked us into thinking that she's incredibly easy to deal with. And she is, for us. Well, for me. Or to be perfectly precise, for me and my nursing capabilities.

Bedtime usually goes something like this: Evelyn starts to rub her eyes a bit, we get her into her pajamas and start to wind her down. After 15 minutes, she gets pretty tired and fussy and cries a bit. Alex tries to rock her to sleep in a darkened room. This occasionally works, but 75% of the time after another 10 minutes of fussing and crying, he gives up, hands her over to me, and I nurse her to sleep. It takes about 5 minutes, and involves basically no effort.

I should have known that it was dangerous to leave Evelyn when it took Alex, who is well schooled in the art of getting baby to sleep, two hours to get her down when I was out on Thursday. We got home at 9:45 last night, well after her bedtime, and we could hear her crying from the carport. Poor sister-in-law and boyfriend had tried everything--bottles, rocking, darkened room, pacifiers, distraction, quiet--to no avail. Ten minutes with Mama, and she was out cold.

So what do we do? We can go out and let her cry herself to sleep with a sitter, or we can stay home until she gets big enough to get to sleep without nursing. Anyone dealt with this? I have no interest in weaning her anytime soon, but I would like to get her used to going to sleep without me.



  1. I had the exact same experience with my friend's kid. Little Sheila cried and cried, and then her parent's finally came home, she latched onto her mom and was out like a light. For now, maybe you can put her to bed before you go out. I'm sure that cuts into your time out, but it's a good start. And I'm not sure, but I think you can Ferber-ize her (or a similar sleep method) without having to wean her.

  2. I got nothing. But, happy valentine's day! Can you trick her with a bottle and the sitter wearing some of your clothing which smells like you?