Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Itsy Bitsy NOT AGAIN

Yes, again.

Evelyn loves the Itsy Bitsy Spider beyond all reason. I didn't know her almost-five-month-old brain could PROCESS this much happiness. She squeals with delight when I start, and cries when I stop. (You might think I'm a horrible person, but between reps, I like to pause for a few seconds because I think it's just a little bit hilarious that she get so distraught when it stops.) The only way I get a break is to pick her up and move her to a different room, and that usually makes her forget about the wondrous ecstasy that is me singing off-key and wriggling my fingers.

This is my life.

I'll get Alex to make a video of her exploding with joy when I decide to torture myself again.

Sorry to family and friends about the lack of pictures and updates lately. I just got new batteries for the camera yesterday, but we already have a couple of good ones of the little cuteness monster. I'll try to upload them tonight.

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