Thursday, July 2, 2009

Love Letter

Dear Baby,

I love you already! This may seem strange to outsiders since I haven't even seen you yet, but the amazing progress you have made inside of my body is causing me to burst with pride at how awesome you are already, and you're not even born yet! You have definite patterns of being awake and asleep, and right now, you are definitely awake. In fact, whenever I sit down for more than a few minutes, you start to get really fiesty, and say, "Hey! You, nutrient providing one! Turn the ride back on. It's really boring in here without the bouncing and the swaying, so get some quarters and TURN THIS THING BACK ON!" Unfortunately, you seem to get most fidgety when I'm trying to sleep, and you are not weak. You showed Alex just how strong you were the first time he felt you kick, weeks and weeks ago. He had laid his head on my abdomen to feel your delicate little fluttering, and just as he put his cheek to my stomach, KAPOW! Super kung-fu kick, right to the ear. It was the strongest you had kicked yet. How did you know to save it up, just for him? Clever girl! Alex and I like to try to guess what exactly you are playing in there. Are you building a pillow fort? Swimming laps in the amniotic fluid? Getting ready to beat both of us at tennis the moment you can stand? Nothing would surprise me.

Yesterday was exceptionally awesome, and I think we may have played together for the first time. Okay, maybe "play" is too strong a word, and maybe you responded to stimulus in a way that many other advanced creatures such as an amoeba might, but still. I was lying on my back, and you, as usual, were tunneling your way through my liver. I decided to poke your little feet back, and once I did, you stopped, but then, tap tap! kicked me again! So I poked your little feet again twice, and you did it again! Normally it feels like an ADHD puppy is trying to get untangled from spaghetti in there, but yesterday when I was poking your feet and you were kicking me back, it was definitely more rhythmic. We've got two more months... I think we can teach you some Morse code. First order of business: getting you to not come out during the finals of the US Open.

Keep exercising in there, and get strong. We can't wait to meet you.

Mom and Dad

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