Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bathing beauty

Good parents are supposed to talk to their babies all the time so that they develop language skills and grammar and vocabulary and all that good stuff. They suggest acting as if you're narrating everything you do. I truly do try, but sometimes it's easy to drift off into your own thoughts, especially when your little monkey doesn't respond. I was doing a good job, though, yesterday while changing Evelyn's diaper:

"Now Mommy's going to change your diaper! Oh, you made a nice big poop!

Sweet potato poop, how stinky! What a stinky diaper, good girl!

Now Mommy's going to wipe your bottom and get you niiiice and clean.

What a strong girl, trying to kick your legs out of Mommy's grasp. Oof! Strong girl. Good girl!

OH! Now you've wrestled one of your legs free. OHHHH... Now Mommy's desperately trying to grab your leg before you get your foot into your diap-- Now you're kicking your poop. Good strong kicker! Oh, there goes the poop, fling fling fling!

Now there's poop all over Mommy's arm, your legs, and the changing table. What a strong baby! Kick kick kick."

This photo was taken right after her unscheduled bath.


  1. LOL! She looks pleased with herself!

  2. I can relate - Sean is almost 19 months and still disobeys the "Hands up" command when I'm trying to change a poopy diaper. Seriously why can't he just hold a toy for two seconds instead of trying to grab the feces on his arse cheeks?

    BTW - Evelyn is a cutie! It doesn't seem that long ago that we were all getting sh*t faced at your wedding. Time flies...