Monday, March 29, 2010

Puppy Love

People ask us all the time how Cash has responded to having a baby in the house. I'll let you judge for yourself. Here are pictures of Evelyn: kicking Cash in the face, grabbing and about to yank on his collar, and biting his face. Not captured on camera are her pulling on his lips, sticking her hands into his ears, and poking at his eyes. (I do try to keep her hands out of his eyeballs and mouth, for his sake. Also, I'm always right there when they're playing together. Besides, even if Cash did get cranky, he doesn't have many teeth left with which to bite her. And vice versa.) Cash was the one who came over and laid down behind her with his head right next to her while she was playing on the floor.

Sadly, I am now dead, as my heart exploded out of my chest from the cuteness of those two snuggling each other.


  1. The last picture almost killed me too.

  2. captions:
    1. Look, Cashie, I can totally see Orion from here.
    2. Are you sure you're licensed?
    3. shhhh.... I've got a plan; it involves poop.